The Staff


Executive Assistants

Carmencita C. Loyola, Senior Executive Assistant

Arlene M. Cabrales, Social Secretary

Rechelle C. Dueñas, Records and Information Management

Marrianne F. Ubalde, Events, PR, and Projects Coordinator

Clarissa M. Camaya, Communication & Technical Researcher


Administrative Group

Nanette P. Jacinto, Administrative Officer

Victor DL Epres, Food Supervisor

Ivan G. Cunanan, Mechanic

Mauro S. Pascua, Chauffeur

Erlinda L. Esguerra, REMO

Mat Ranillo S. Bacubac, Chauffeur & Security Officer

Wilfredo Bilbao, Board Room Sound Technician

Mark M. Juat, Administrative Aide

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Functions of OP

The Office of the President is divided into three sections as documented in this Administrative Order:


Teamwork Award received in 2015